Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan 2022–27 is our roadmap for delivering healthy water for life now and into the future.

Water quality report

We produce an annual drinking water quality report, which details our performance against the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act 2003, Safe Drinking Water Regulations 2015 and the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines 2011 (ADWG).

Urban Water Strategy

Our Urban Water Strategy manages our water supplies for our customers and community for the next 50 years in the face of climate change and a population that’s set to nearly double by 2065.

Water for a future-thriving Melbourne

This Melbourne-wide strategy summarises the key actions we, along with City West Water, Yarra Valley Water and Melbourne Water, are working on together to deliver common water outcomes across metropolitan Melbourne over the next 50 years.

Drought preparedness plan

This plan explains how decisions about water restrictions are made.

Climate Adaptation Action Plan

This document contains our Climate Adaptation Action Plan.

Annual water outlook

Every year we work with our fellow metropolitan water organisations to publish the Annual Water Outlook for Melbourne. This outlines a number of individual and joint industry short and medium-term actions to improve future drought response.

Water restrictions by-law

Under the Water Act we’re required to manage water restriction rules under a by-law. Our by-law incorporates four stages of water restrictions and specifies what can and cannot be done when each stage of restriction is in place. If a stage of restriction is in place, it supersedes Permanent Water Rules.

Water regulation

Although it can be a complex world, you may be interested to understand a bit more about the regulations and regulatory bodies in the water industry.

Our Policies

Read the policies that outline our commitments and responsibilities to our customers, community and employees.