Reducing water pressure in your area

South East Water has been working to identify areas where water pressure is excessively high, creating a hazard if a burst were to occur.  This program is being delivered in stages to deifferent areas in the South East.

To remove this risk for the community, we're reducing pressure in the below areas to ensure it is in line with more safer pressure levels. 

What we're doing

We’re planning to reduce the water pressure as we’ve found some areas excessively high which increases the likelihood of burst pipes. 

Where the water pressure level for a property is currently greater than 90 metres, we're going to reduce pressure to reduce the likelyhood of bursts. Without a reduction, if a burst was to occur, water could potentially shoot up into the air to 90 metres or more causing a safety hazard.

Reducing water pressure also has benefits for our customers through less water usage and pipe bursts, along with a longer life-span of appliances and property’s internal plumbing.  

We intend to reduce the water pressure for certain properties to a more manageable level.

Caulfield South, Ormond, Elsternwick and Gardenvale from July 2022 - COMPLETED

Balaclava, Caulfield North, Elsternwick, St Kilda and St Kilda East from September 2022 - COMPLETED

Don't miss these details - important information for customers with a Fire Service

We've identified some properties in the area that have a fire service, it is vital that if you do have a fire service that you have it assessed by a hydraulic consultant to make sure that the new pressure level won’t affect its operation and compliance.

If you have been identified as one of these properties, you'll receive a letter from us with all the relevant information to make the process as easy as possible for your hydraulic consultant.

It is the property owner’s responsibility to maintain private fire safety protection systems and ensure they meet the relevant Building Codes and Australian Standards

Impacted locations where pressure will be reduced

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Impacted areas


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