We're upgrading meters across Melbourne's 

South East

When it comes to managing water usage, we know that every drop counts. We’ve replaced over 50,000 old analogue meters with new digital meters so we can pick up on leaks earlier, help customers cut down on bills, save on water and avoid disruptions. 

Digital meters still measure your water use and might not look that different, but they deliver a whole range of benefits to customers, the community and environment.

See your water use in detail

Get detailed water usage and know how much water you’re using in near real-time through our customer portal mySouthEastWater

Detect leaks to save water and money

Receive potential leak alerts, so you can fix the leak quickly, saving you water and money on your bill. We’ve found that fixing small leaks can save* you on average $59 per quarter, while fixing big leaks can save you $350 per quarter.



*Savings based on the average dollar savings customers experienced off their next quarterly bill. Amount subject to change 

Makes moving easy

Moving house is easier with no special reads or estimates needed.

Makes our network more efficient

There’s better connections with our pipe and pump network with sensors, meters and alarms providing us with real-time information about what’s happening allowing us to operate our assets more efficiently.

Already have a digital water meter?

See your water usage, down to the hour, by signing into mySouthEastWater water now.

How the meter installation works

  1. You’ll get a letter from us with more details about the trial and when your traditional mechanical meter will be exchanged with a new digital one.
  2. On the day of the meter exchange we’ll knock on your door to first to let you know we’ve arrived. Don’t worry if you’re not home, you don’t need to be during the meter exchange. Our technicians will keeping their distance, following all COVID-19 safety rules.
  3. We’ll then turn your water off to change over the meter. This process should take no longer than 10–15 minutes.
  4. Once we’re done, we’ll place a digital meter exchange card in your letter box.

If you’ve already received a letter and there will be trouble accessing your meter we’ll try and contact you to work out a time where you’re available for us to exchange your meter.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can read the meter yourself, by pressing on the three dots and navigating through the categories.

For more information on how to read your digital water meter, check out our page on how to read your meter.

You can access your own personal water usage through our customer portal mySouthEastWater.

If you're a tenant with a digital water meter, don't worry your landlord won't be able to see your water usage data.

You can view it at monthly, daily and even hourly intervals if you have a digital meter already installed and have registered for mySouthEastWater. The usage information refreshes daily between 2am and 4am. Usage data is presented in litres. Be mindful that the bills are calculated using kilolitres (1000 litres).

If you have a digital recycled water meter you can see both meters usage on the portal.


Don’t worry there’s nothing in the digital water meter that would let this to happen. 

There won’t be any difference to your bill or your service because of having a digital water. We’ll still send you a bill once every 3 months. If you’d prefer to pay your bill monthly or fortnightly, you can set up a payment plan. Your normal quarterly billing process will remain the same.

If you’re still receiving a hard copy bill this is a great opportunity to switch to eBills

Good news you won’t see any changes to prices. They are set for the 2018–23 period by our regulator, the Essential Services Commission. You’ll continue to be charged for your water usage as you currently are.

You can read more information on our prices and charges here.

Unfortunately at this stage no. However this is something we are looking into for the future.

Digital water meters won’t impact on your water quality because there’s no connection between the two.

Yes, the meter will remain on the property. You don’t need to do anything as it will be just like having a traditional mechanical meter.

You can register on our customer portal mySouthEastWater and keep up-to-date with your water usage.

As your home’s water meter is our asset, your rental provider's permission isn’t needed for us to exchange it.

Finding leaks with digital water meters

Our new digital water meters record your water usage 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At some point of the day, like when you’re sleeping, we shouldn’t be seeing water usage. However, our systems will pick any continuous flows (leaks). Water shouldn’t be used constantly, and if it is we may think you have a leak. 

We’ll let you know if you have a leak

When we see continuous water usage on your property, we’ll send you a notification either via email, SMS or letter. We’ll also step you through some checks you can perform to help identify what may be the cause of the potential leak.

It’s important though that we have your most up-to-date contact details. Register or sign in to mySouthEastWater to update.

Need help checking for leaks?

If you already know you have a leak from your usage here’s some tips to help you find and fix it.

Getting a leak notification from us but there’s no leak

There are situations where we might send you a leak notification but there’s no actual leak.

This could mean the following on your property:

  • pool being filled over a long period
  • water tank with auto top-up features
  • evaporative air conditioner being run over a long period
  • long-running irrigation systems
What to do if there's a false alarm

If we send you a notification, and you suspect this is a false alarm, simply ignore and check your usage in mySouthEastWater once you think the false alarm is completed.

Early findings with digital water meters and leaks 

Over the years there’s been big water savings with detecting and fixing leaks through our trials. In Seaford, close to 10% of the water supplied to properties was lost in unidentified leaks.

Since May 2020, we’ve been able to let customers know when we’ve identified a potential leak on their property. So far we’ve delivered over 300 customer notifications, alerting digital meter customers to potential leaks. We’ve also helped customers save over 9.2 million litres of water and an average of $150 off these customers’ next quarterly bill. 

More information

If you need to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Media enquiries

Contact our media team at media@sew.com.au

Melbourne working together

We’re collaborating with Greater Western Water and Yarra Valley Water on the benefits of digital meters.