Works in your area starting late June 2022

You might not notice a lot of the work we do because most of it is beneath your feet. Every day, we’re maintaining and upgrading the pipes and pumps that keep water flowing. With some works in Chapel St, Toorak Rd and Alexandra Ave, South Yarra you might see us (or our contractor Interflow) around. 

Here’s what to expect while we get the job done.

What we're doing

This project is to upgrade the water pipes in Chapel St between Alexandra Ave and Toorak Rd, so you can always rely on us when you need a drink, a bath, to wash the clothes or dishes.

We’ll be undertaking this project in stages. Stage one at the Alexandra Ave and Chapel St intersection was completed in late July. We're now working our way down Chapel St during the day on both sides of the road. The last stage at the Toorak Rd intersection will commence in February 2023.

You shouldn’t notice any change to your water or sewerage services while we work. If we need to interrupt your water supply, don’t worry, we’ll notify you in advance to organise connection to a temporary supply.

When it's happening

We finished night works at the Alexandra Ave intersection and commenced day works in late July on Chapel Street. This stage should take around four months to complete.

You can expect us to work Monday to Friday between 7 am and 10 pm. On the odd occasion, we might need to work at other times for safety, technical or permit reasons. All working hours will be determined by the Department of Transport and we’ll keep you updated if they change.

Over the the busy December and January period, we’ll pause works and make the area safe before returning in February 2023 to commence night works at the Toorak Rd intersection. This stage should take around six weeks to complete (depending on the weather).

What might impact you

These are the kinds of things you might notice:
• More trucks and less car parks
• A change in normal traffic flow
• Lights when we work at night
• Our traffic management team will be around to make sure people, bikes and cars can move around safely.

Things you might hear while we work:
• Saw cutting the road
• Vacuum truck for service proving
• Jack hammering
• Materials being transferred into trucks or skip bins 
• Placing road plates and using machinery to compact the road at the end of the shift.

Want to know more? Watch our video 'What you might hear and see' below.

Don't miss these details

We’ve been working closely with Interflow to put controls and measures in place to help minimise noise.

If you’re a business, you’ll need to make sure that the works and any interruption to water supply don’t affect your emergency fire plan. You’ll also need to let your insurer know.

If connected to a temporary water supply and you need to isolate water coming inside your property, please use the ball valve handle on the pipe, just before your water meter, to turn off your water. Alternatively, contact us on 1800 814 900 for assistance.

When we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them and make sure we return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

If you want to chat in person we have a community hub open Monday to Friday between 10am and 2pm at 670 Chapel Street.

Where we will be working

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Location of pipelines to be upgraded

What you might hear and see

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Frequently Asked Questions

We manage a proactive infrastructure program which involves replacing, maintaining and upgrading the existing water and sewerage infrastructure above and below the ground, so you can always rely on us when you need a drink, a bath, to wash the clothes or dishes and every time you flush or send water down the drain. 

We need to upgrade the ageing water mains on Chapel St, South Yarra between Toorak Rd and Alexandra Ave to prevent the area from bursts and flooding. The existing water mains on both sides of the road are approximately 100 years old dating back to the early 1920s and are coming to the end of their lifespan. This project will ensure reliability of the network and cater for future demand in the area.

These works will replace the existing water mains which were constructed in the early 1920s and are coming to the end of their lifespan. The works will:

  • Improve water service reliability into the future.
  • Reduce potential property damage if the water main was to fail.
  • Reduce ongoing maintenance and repair costs.

Site investigative works were completed earlier in 2022 to inform the design of the new water main. We've finished construction and reinstatement works at the corner of Alexandra Avenue and Chapel Street and are now working down Chapel Street on both sides of the road. The final stage will be at the Toorak Road and Chapel Street intersection and it planned to commence in February 2023.

South East Water has awarded the project contract to Interflow.

We will be renewing and upgrading the water mains on the same alignment as the existing water mains, which are located in the bicycle lanes and parking bays of the northbound and southbound lanes. We will use a combination of open trench and trenchless technology. 

We will renew the northbound lane with open trench technology in sections of approximately 100m at a time. The construction crew will use a different methodology for the southbound lane with a mixture of open trench and trenchless technology. There will also be works at the intersections of Toorak Road and Chapel Street and Alexandra Avenue and Chapel Street to complete the connections of the upgraded water mains.

We’re currently working Monday to Friday between 7am and 10pm on both sides of Chapel Street making our way down towards Toorak Road. For safety, techincal and permit reasons we’ll complete night works at the corner of Toorak Road and Chapel Street for approximately six weeks commencing in February 2023.

All working hours are determined by the Department of Transport and we'll keep you updated if they change.

South East Water and their appointed contractors will keep you informed about the project and construction in your area, and we’ll work with you to discuss your access needs before we start to build.

Our project team will contact you in the lead up to construction to understand more about your deliveries, waste removal and customer access, and work with you to make sure these are not impacted. If we do need to block your driveway for a short period of time, we’ll work out alternative arrangements with you prior to works commencing.

We'll let you know in advance when we need to occupy parking spaces. We do apologise if local parking is impacted but will work to make sure this is for as short a time as possible.

We'll endeavour to make sure your driveway isn’t blocked during construction, but if it is, we’ll let you know beforehand, so you have time to organise alternative parking. But don’t worry. We will be around to help you get out of your driveway in an emergency.

Yes. The central lane will remain open to road users during construction works. 

Other public transport/road services such as bus stops, taxi ranks and rental car/sharing bays may be affected and moved outside of the work zones.

Tram services will not be affected.

No, but please don’t hesitate to call our 24/7 Faults and Emergencies team on 13 28 12 if you experience disruptions at any time.

When we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them and make sure we return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

No. There is no cost to the property or business owner for these works.


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