Sewer works in your area from November 2022


You might not notice a lot of the work we do because most of it is beneath your feet. Every day, we’re maintaining and upgrading the pipes and pumps that keep the sewage network flowing.

With some upcoming works in Titcher Road, Ebden Street, Oakwood Avenue, Corrigan Road, Kelvinside Road, Callander Road, Barnett Grove, Dunblane Road and Carpenter Street you might see us or our contractor ZJW (Zinfra, Jaydo, WSP, Joint Venture) around. Here’s what to expect while we get the job done.

What we're doing

The project will increase the capacity of the sewer network to cater for population growth in the area and future proof the sewerage system.

This project will be completed in stages, starting with the Ebden Street stage in Titcher Road, Ebden Street and Oakwood Avenue, Noble Park North. The Kelvinside Road and Callander Road stages will be completed in 2023. We'll keep you updated on our progress. See map below.

When it's happening

We’re planning to start works in mid November until August 2023. It should take around nine months to complete (depending on the weather).

Construction on the Ebden Street Upgrade is anticipated to be finished by late February 2023. Over the Christmas and New Year holidays we’ll pause works and make the area safe before returning in early January. 

You can expect us to work Monday to Friday between 7 am and 5 pm. On the odd occasion, we might need to work at other times for safety, technical or permit reasons.

What might impact you

We’ll do our best to keep impacts to a minimum, however these are the kinds of things you might notice while we work:

  • Change in normal traffic flow and lane and road closures on Titcher Road, Ebden Street and Oakwood Avenue, Noble Park North and Corrigan Road, Kelvinside Road, Callander Road, Barnett Grove, Dunblane Road and Carpenter Street, Noble Park (please refer to map below).
  • Driveway access will be impacted at some locations along the alignment. We’ll notify affected properties in advance.
  • Reduced speed limits will be in place.
  • More trucks on the streets around you.
  • Less car parks on some streets.
  • Noise from machinery and drilling rigs, like beepers when trucks reverse.
  • Our traffic management team will be around to make sure people, bikes and cars can move around safely.

Want to know more? Watch our video 'What you might hear and see' below.

Don't miss these details

We’re working with ZJW to help us.

During the works ZJW will have a site compound near the works zone. This location will be approved by council and will be secure and adhere to strict safety requirements.

Vehicle access to some properties will be impacted. ZJW will be in contact with affected residents and business owners to provide further information prior to works commencing.

You shouldn’t notice any change to your water or sewer services while we work. When we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them and make sure we return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

During the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) we have changed our engagement practice to ensure our crews can maintain physical distancing. Our COVID-19 update letter can be found below.

Where we will be working

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Ebden Street Upgrade

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Kelvinside Road Upgrade

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Callander Road Upgrade

What you might hear and see

Frequently Asked Questions

We manage a proactive infrastructure program which involves replacing, maintaining and upgrading the existing water and sewerage infrastructure above and below the ground, so you can always rely on us when you need a drink, a bath, to wash the clothes or dishes and every time you flush or send water down the drain.


ZJW (Zinfra, Jaydo, WSP, Joint Venture) will undertake these works on behalf of South East Water.

No. If you experience any disruption to your water or sewerage services please call our 24/7  Faults and Emergencies team on 13 28 12.

Sections of the road along the works alignment will be closed for weeks at a time. Vehicle access to driveways in these sections of the road will be blocked. Pedestrian access to properties however will be maintained.

The project team will notify affected properties in advance and advise of alternative parking arrangements. The crew will also be available to assist residents where possible. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and will work to make sure this is for as short a time as possible. 

When we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them and return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

There is no cost to the property owner for these works. 


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