Sewer works in Guys Hill from late February / early March 2022

You might not notice a lot of the work we do because most of it is beneath your feet. Every day, we’re maintaining and upgrading the pipes and pumps that keep water flowing. With pressure sewer installation works in Guys Hill, you might see us or our contractor Comdain around.

Here’s what to expect while we get the job done.

What we're doing

This project is to install new sewer pipes, expanding our sewerage network to the Guys Hill area, via a pressure sewer system and to stop the use of existing onsite septic tanks in blocks under 0.4 hectares.

We’re working with Comdain to help us.

When it's happening

We're planning to start work in late February / early March 2022. It should take around two months to complete (depending on the weather). Due to unexpected delays, this project was finished in June 2022. You may still see us around doing final reinstatement in some areas.

You can expect us to work Monday to Friday between 7 am and 6 pm. On the odd occasion, we might need to work at other times for safety or technical reasons.

What might impact you

We’ll do our best to keep impacts to a minimum, however these are the kinds of things you might notice while we work:

  • More trucks on the streets around you.
  • Less car parks on some streets .
  • Noise from machinery, like beepers when trucks reverse.
  • A change in normal traffic flow in the work area.
  • You'll notice that our traffic management team are around too, to make sure people, bikes and cars can move around safely.

Want to know more? Watch our video 'What you might hear and see' below.

Don't miss these details

Comdain will have a temporary site compound in the area for the duration of the works. 

When we’ve finished the job, we’ll leave things how we found them – and make sure we return any areas we’ve impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

Properties under 0.4 hecatres are eligible to connect under the scheme. Any properties over 0.4 hectares or vacant blocks, don’t qualify for connection under the scheme, however can still connect if the property fronts the new sewer main.

See the 'Know your costs' fact sheet and FAQs below for information.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have changed our engagement practice to ensure our crews can maintain physical distancing. Please see overleaf for more information.

Where we will be working

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Location of sewer pipes to be installed

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Sewerage scheme boundary

What you might hear and see

Frequently Asked Questions

We're connecting the township of Guys Hill to the sewerage network to improve community public health and protect our environment. 

There is evidence that waste from failing household septic tanks pollutes groundwater and the environment. To remove this risk for the community, we are connecting the township of Guys Hill to the sewerage network, via a a pressure sewer system, to stop the use of existing onsite septic tanks.

The Guys Hill Pressure Sewer Scheme will provide sewerage infrastructure to the township of Guys Hill to allow 30 properties to connect to the sewerage network. This includes installing approximately 1200 metres of sewer pipeline.

The new pipes will be installed mainly in the naturestrip / roadreserve. The map above shows the alignment of the new sewer pipes being installed in the area.

Works are anticipated to commence in late February/early March 2022 and are expected to last for two months (weather permitting).

The majority of works are scheduled to take place during normal working hours of 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday (weather permitting). Occasionally it may be necessary to undertake works outside these hours for safety or technical reasons.

During works local residents may notice:

  • Construction crews during working hours
  • Increased truck movements on local roads
  • Traffic impacts around the work area and reduced speed limits
  • Noise when heavy machinery is being used, including reversing beepers
  • Temprary storage/site set up in locations near the work area.

Pedestrian access to properties will not be affected during works.

If restrictions to driveway access is required, affected properties will be contacted in advance.

When required traffic management will safely guide drivers and pedestrians around the work area.

There will be no long-term visual impacts from the new sewer pipelines as they are located underground. Once we've finished construction we'll leave things how we found them - and make sure we return any areas we've impacted as close as possible to their original condition.

Sewer pipes will be installed using horizontal directional drilling (HDD), predominately along the side of the road or in the naturestrip.

The process for HDD is:

  • Identifying existing services
  • Set up the drill on the side of the road
  • Drill a new hole underground
  • String out the new pipe
  • Gradually feed the new pipe into the hole
  • Pack up the equipment and move onto the next drill location.

An Environmental Management plan has been prepared for the project and all areas of high environmental sensitivity have been avoided. This plan outlines environmental controls during construction.

There are no planned disruptions to water services in the area as a result of these works.

The pressure sewer scheme will be provided to existing properties that are unable to sustainably contain and treat their waste water onsite. Eighteen properties in Guys Hill will be included as part of the sewerage scheme. Several factors such as location, the size of the property (smaller than 0.4 hectares) and the volume of waste water generated onsite determine inclusion into the scheme. Please refer to map above which identifies properties eligible to connect under the scheme.

No. You may choose NOT to connect to the sewerage scheme. We do not force property owners to connect. However, Council may place restrictions on property owners who cannot effectively manage their waste water onsite.

Making the switch to a pressure sewer is a permanent solution and has lots of benefits for you and our environment. Septic tanks require ongoing maintenance to keep them safe. If they're not working properly, dangerous bacteria and chemicals (like E.coli and nitrogen) can seep into the groundwater. Installing a pressure sewer solves this problem and helps keep our waterways clean and safe for everyone.

We'll notify you once connections are available and provide you with all the information you need to assit your connection.

The costs to connect to pressure sewer will vary for each property. Please see "Know your Costs' below for a summary of the costs. For a precise quote to connect, please call our connections Team on 1800 720 613. 

Yes but the connection costs will be significantly higher. For more information, please contact South East Water on 1800 720 613.

Connections to the sewer are anticipated to be available from April 2022. Once construction is complete and the sewer main is ready to take connections, we will invite property owners to connect.

Home connection is easy and installation only takes a few hours. Once you've decided to go ahead, we'll inspect your property to find the best location for your new pressure sewer. We'll then install and connect it to the sewer main in your street. A licensed plumber will need to connect the pressure sewer to your home and decommission your spetic system or onsite treatement plant. South East Water's Prioirty Plumbing or any licensed plumber can do this.

Any licensed plumber is eligilbe to complete the home connection. You can appoint your own or use one of ours.

The following will be installed:

  1. A OneBox® control unit.
    Our patented and proven OneBox® smart sewer control unit powers and controls wastewater flow from your tank to the sewer main. It's remotely connected to our network to control wastewater flows throughout the day.
  2. An inground tank and electric pump.
    You'll only see the lid. This allows easy service and access if needed.
  3. A boundary kit.
    This includes a non-return valve to prevent sewage back-flow and allows maintenance access. The kit is contained to a small pit near your property boundary.
  4. A property service line.
    This connects your boundary kit to the tank and pump and sends wastewater from your property to the sewer main in your street.

Once connected to the pressure sewer system, your septic tank must be decommissioned (by the connecting plumber). This will involve having the waste within the septic tank pumped out and having holes punched through the current system to aid the draining of any ground water that may ingress and if the top is protruding from the ground it must be collapsed, before filling it in.

All property wastwater flows through the new pressure sewer system except rainwater, swimming pool and external discharge. Customers with a pool must have a cartridge filter installed by a pool contractor to receive backwash.

Substances which may causes blockages and that should not be discharged into the pressure sewer include:

  • Cooking oil and fats
  • Glass
  • Metal
  • Flushable wipes
  • Other wipes e.g. baby wipes, hand wipes, antiseptic wipes
  • Seafood shells
  • Rocks
  • Nappies, socks, rags or clothes
  • Chemicals, excpet common domestic products e.g. diswashing powder, detergents, hair dyes
  • Plastic objects
  • Sanitary napkins/tampons
  • Pet litter
  • Flammable materials
  • Lubricating oil/grease
  • Petrol/diesel
  • Paints (water soluble and oil based).

If you're in doubt about what substances the sewer system can accommodate, please call 132 812.


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