We know that turning on the tap to find no water can be worrying. 

Here's what to do first

  1. Check South East Water LIVE to see if the water is off in your area.
  2. Check if your stop tap has been turned off accidentally. That's the main tap near your water meter.

Part of a block of units/apartments? Check the main shared meter – it’s usually located out the front of the block.

Why don’t I have water?

There are a few reasons why you might not have any water right now.

A burst water pipe/emergency works

In emergency situations we might not be able to notify you of an interruption. But rest assured, we’ll fix the problem as soon as we can. 

You can also register to receive notifications about emergency works in your area via mySouthEastWater. So you’ll always know what’s going on.

Planned works

Usually we’ll notify you at least 48 hours in advance by dropping a card in your letterbox, but sometimes letterboxes get missed.

The stop tap is off

Someone may have turned this off to undertake works. Stop taps are on when turned anti-clockwise fully.

An issue on your property

Check for leaks or a burst you might not have been aware of. The quicker you get it sorted, the better.

Need a plumber?

If the issue is on your property, contact a licensed plumber to fix it for you. South East Water Priority Plumbing is on hand to assist you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

1300 760 306

Problem still not solved?

Our Faults and Emergencies team are here to help.

Report a leak

Don’t let precious water go down the drain. If you discover a leak outside your property, let us know as soon as you can.

We're always upgrading

It’s a big job to look after thousands of kilometres of Victorian pipelines. That’s why every day, we’re maintaining and upgrading the pipes beneath your feet.