I need to report an issue

Within your property

Checking your house for leaks will make sure you’re not using and paying for more water than you need to.

If the leak is within your property, it’s up to you to get it fixed. Check for leaks and contact a plumber if needed.

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Outside your property

We’re responsible for the meter and the pipes from the street to the meter. If the issue is on our side, let us know as soon as you can and we’ll get it sorted.

Check to see if we already know about this issue.  

Are you a renter?

You’ll need to contact your rental provider or property manager, rather than us. Check your Residential Tenancy Agreement - it should contain contact information in case of an emergency.

Common issues with your water supply

I have no water

Our guide will help you work out the cause and get it fixed. 

My water seems different

Water not crystal clear as usual?

I might have a blocked pipe

Drains not flowing as they should?

I have a water meter problem

Think you have a fault or a leak?

Home maintenance

While a mowed lawn and fresh paint keep things looking good on the outside, taking care of your home’s water supply is essential for keeping clean water flowing inside.

Protect your pipes

Prevent blockages and keep your drains flowing by knowing what and what not to put down the toilet or sink.

Bushfires and your water supply

In a bushfire emergency you may have low water pressure or no supply. Find out how you can get prepared.

Water filters and appliances

Find out more about filters, water hardness and caring for your appliances

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