Install a food and oil interceptor

A food and oil interceptor is a tank or pit that intercepts food, fat, oil and grease before the waste enters the sewer. If your business is food-related, it's a requirement to have Trade Waste Contract and the right-sized interceptor in place before you commence operating.

All food and oil interceptors must be installed by a licensed plumber. Whether your business is a takeaway, restaurant, pub or large food manufacturer, we will install a food and oil interceptor package that fully complies with the guidelines.

What does a food and oil interceptor do?
  • Food and oil interceptors slow the flow rate of your waste to allow the fats and oils to float to the surface and the food waste and solids to settle on the bottom.
  • The floating fat and oil and the settled food particles and solids are trapped in the food and oil interceptor and accumulate over time
  • Regular pump-outs prevent blockages occurring in the sewerage system and private sewers.
What are your responsibilities?

It is your responsibility to ensure that the food and oil interceptor is pumped out at the intervals stated in your Commercial Trade Waste Consent. We have implemented a system called ‘Wastelog’ to monitor food and oil interceptor pump-outs. This service saves the inconvenience of having to remember to contact and arrange a transporter every time a pump-out is required.


Wastelog is a program we developed with the Victorian Waste Management Association (VWMA), which enables Environment Protection Authority (EPA) licensed waste contractors to register all grease interceptor pump-outs within our area of operation. Participating Wastelog transporters can automatically schedule and register your grease interceptor pump-outs. This service simplifies the process and removes the need for customers to arrange a transporter every time a pump-out is required.

Contractors can access the Wastelog system online.

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