Understanding what's required

Typically, trade waste must be pre-treated in readiness for discharge to our sewerage system. Trade waste pre-treatment systems vary in complexity and operational requirements, depending on the nature of the waste. 

Some wastes can be treated through simple equipment, such as those outlined in our standard drawings below, or through a combination of these devices or a specific engineered solution.

Before submitting an application, you may wish to discuss pre-treatment requirements with our Trade Waste team or to engage a specialist consultancy to design a system accordingly. 

Get in touch with our Trade Waste team on 9552 3662 or at tradewaste@sew.com.au

Once you've submitted a trade waste application, you'll receive a consent which outlines the maintenance and sizing requirements of relevant equipment required to safely dispose trade waste. 

You can access our standard drawings below. 

Standard drawings

Trade waste charges

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Managing trade waste

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