If your business discharges trade waste, you need a trade waste consent. You can learn more about the different types of consents and how to apply below.
Industrial trade waste consents

Read the industrial trade waste application guide (pdf, 493Kb) then apply for an industrial trade waste agreement.

Commercial trade waste consents

Read the commercial trade waste application guide (pdf, 493Kb) then apply for a commercial trade waste agreement.

One-off discharge

During the building construction phase you may be required to dispose of stormwater or ground water (trade waste).

Limited volumes of stormwater or ground water may be accepted as a trade waste discharge into the sewerage system via appropriate pre-treatment measures and controls. This acceptance is subject to submission of a formal trade waste application and the pre-requisite technical appraisal conducted by South East Water.

We can only accept this type of disposal during the construction phase and won’t endorse or accept ongoing discharge to sewer after construction is completed.

Minor trade waste

A business, organisation, or institution may be classified as Minor Trade Waste (MTW) if it is on the Minor Trade Waste Listing Schedule and or meets the definition in the Policy for Food/Commercial Businesses.

Minor trade waste customers can discharge to the sewerage system without applying for a Trade Waste Consent (TWC). This permission is subject to the installation pre-treatment systems and other requirements where needed. These installations are the responsibility of the customer.

Trade waste charges do not apply to minor trade waste customers.

Examples of minor trade waste customers:

  • businesses that sell shelf stable pre-packaged confectionery that have a ‘Class 4’ food license under the Food Act 1984 such as newsagents, pharmacies, discount variety stores, etc.
  • bottle shops
  • hairdresser/beautician
  • pharmacy with a dispensing sink only.

You can learn more about types of minor trade waste customers by reading our Minor trade waste customer listing schedule below.

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Trade waste charges

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Managing trade waste

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