Everything we all love about Melbourne, from the lush Royal Botanical Gardens to our world-famous coffee, relies on a healthy, dependable water supply. But as our population grows and our environment changes, water is becoming increasingly scarce. 

 Melbourne, let's make every drop count

If we each save a little, we all save a lot. Try the simple tips below.

Our water in numbers


Rainfall last month (mm)
19.76% more than August 2021


Melbourne's water storage levels 
14.62% more than August 2021

Ways you can make every drop count

  1. Fix a dripping tap

    It might be as straightforward as replacing the washer or turning your taps off tightly.

  2. Water your garden early (or late)

    Giving plants a drink during cooler hours of the day reduces evaporation, so more water reaches the roots. If it’s forecast to rain, why water at all?

  3. Use half flush (when you can)

    Most Melbourne homes now have a dual flush toilet. Do you? Switching is a great way to save.

  4. Turn off the tap when you brush your teeth

    That’s two minutes of drinking water saved from the drain every time you brush.

  5. Use the eco settings on your appliances

    Save water just by choosing a different cycle on your washing machine or dishwasher. Look out for the ‘eco’ cycle.

  6. Shave a minute off your shower time

    In 2017-18, the average shower time was seven minutes. The impact would be massive if we all turned off the taps just one minute earlier.

Target 155

With water on tap, few of us stop to think about how much we use day-to-day. Or how a few simple changes can save bucket loads. Can you keep your water use to 155 litres per day? Learn more about Target 155 and compare your household’s current water usage.

Smart water advice

We’ve teamed up with Smart Approved WaterMark  to give you tips on how to be smarter with your water. Together, we can create a more sustainable, water-sensitive city.

In the home

From half flushing to shaving a minute off your shower, there are lots of little ways you can save water in your home.

In your garden

Go easy on the hose. Did you know outdoor water use accounts for up to half of an average home's water use?

At work

Discover the ecnomic and environmental benefits of saving water in your business.

Current water use rules

These were introduced in 2011 and are always in place to help manage our water efficiency. These rules let you know how you can use water around your home, garden and business. 

Planning for the future

How we’re working towards making sure there’s enough water to go around for generations to come.

Desalinated water

Clean, safe drinking water produced from the sea. This year, the Victorian Government has ordered 125 billion litres to secure supply in case of drought.

Recycled water

A sustainable water supply used for lots of non-drinking purposes. We've already connected plenty of customers in Cranbourne, Clyde, Lyndhurst, Pakenham and Officer, and we're connection more every year. 

Rainwater and greywater

Using rainwater and greywater from your basins, showers and washing machines can help you reduce your reliance on drinking water. 

South East Water Education

Our education site is jam-packed with exciting resources for parents, teachers and students to learn about, understand and appreciate our valuable natural resource - water.

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