We’re proud to be supporting you with reliable services and stable pricing as we deliver against the areas you told us you value the most. You can learn more about our measures and targets in our 2018-23 Water Price Submission.

From 1 July 2018, we’ve committed to the following key customer outcomes:

Get the basics right, always

You told us you want safe and reliable services, now and always. At its essence, this means clean and high quality drinking water, and the safe disposal of wastewater.

Warn me, inform me

You told us you want to be warned, and kept updated, about disruptions – both planned and emergency.

Fair and affordable for all

You told us you expect our services to be delivered in a fair and affordable manner across our entire service region.

Make my experience better

You told us you want a better experience with us, every time you talk to us, see us out and about or visit us online.

Support my community, protect our environment

You told us you want us to support your community and protect our environment – delivering long-term water security in a way that honours the environment and ongoing liveability.

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Progress against our five-year customer commitment

We’re proud to be supporting you with reliable services and stable pricing for the next five years. Find out how we're tracking against our five-year customer commitment.

The Essential Services Commission

The price of water and sewerage services is determined every five years through a review and engagement process we undertake with our independent regulator, the Essential Services Commission (ESC). In setting prices, we consider:

  • the costs required to operate our business based on the services and standards we will deliver to customers
  • expected demand for water and sewerage services
  • the investments we need to make into building new infrastructure to service a growing population.

We seek and use feedback from our customers to help us determine the services you expect and value, and how much you’re willing to pay for those services. We use all this information to propose to our regulator the services we’ll deliver and the prices we would charge for them. The ESC invites public feedback on our proposal, and makes its own determination, either requesting changes or approving our proposal.

What’s happening for this next pricing period?  Our Price Submission 2023–28

Across 14 months, in person and online, our customers told us a consistent story about what they expect from us and what they value.

Their feedback and ideas will help shape our plan.  Read more and see what we’ve undertaken.