Our Price Submission 2023-28

What’s it going to take to support future generations to thrive?

What’s important to you? And how much are you willing to pay?  

Last year over 8,000 of you had your say on some big questions about the future. Your responses have helped us define our proposals for our charges, and the services and support we propose to deliver for the community you live in, for the next 5 years.

It’s all part of our price submission, our 5-year promise to all our customers. 

We’ve submitted our Price Submission 2023-28 to the Essential Services Commission (ESC)  ​

We’ve carefully considered what you told us and used it to shape our proposals. Read our Price Submission and have your say. 

Thanks for helping to shape our future 

To everyone who shared with us your stories, ideas and hopes for the future, thank you.

Whether it was through one of the online surveys, focus groups, workshops, one-on-one interviews or as part of our community panel, we’re really grateful for your input. 

At each stage of our engagement with you, we reviewed and tested your feedback and fed what you told us into the next stage. This allowed us to build a clearer picture of you what you want from the next 5 years.

As part of this, in late 2021 we formed a 34-member community panel, made up of a cross-section of customers from the community you live in.

Our panel members further explored findings from all our previous customer engagement. Based on these, they then developed 8 recommendations for priority areas and services for the next 5 years for us to consider.   



The range of ways our customers had their say.

What you told us  

You provided us with some great ideas about how together we can shape the future - and out of this we noticed some important themes.   

At each stage, what you told us helped shaped the next stage.  You can find out more below. 

Post-Submission - We're here now

You’re invited by the ESC to have your say on our proposals for the next 5 years. ​

Stage 5

Circling back to you about decisions you've helped make. 

Stage 4

Our community panel and the recommendations they made, based on your input. 

Stage 3

Understanding what you’re willing to pay for the experiences you want. 

Stage 2

Understanding your experience and what you value. 

Stage 1

Establishing an approach and guidelines for how we engage with you.

What’s a price submission? 

Every 5 years, we review our prices and services. We call this a price submission and its main purpose is to make sure the decisions we make as an organisation best reflect your priorities and deliver on what you value most.

The Essential Services Commission (ESC), our independent regulator, review our price submission. It’s their job to make sure our prices for water and services protect your interests.

What happened last time - our 2018-23 Price Submission 

Across 14 months, in person and online, you told us a consistent story about what you expect from us and what you value. Your feedback and ideas shaped our plan (endorsed by the Essential Services Commission) and our commitment to five key customer outcomes. Read more and see how we’re tracking here.